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Donut Topper Bean Bag

Donut Topper Bean Bag

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Utilize this unique bean bag to its full potential.

Remove the Donut Hole bean bag to place a bowl in the center and cover with bean bag fabrics to get the perfect curly C pose!

Insert the Donut Hole bean bag to make use of the inclination of the whole bag to obtain perfect a froggy pose. This TOPPER bean bag is meant to be used in conjunction with the BASE bean bag and Newborn Studio Props Round Backdrop Stand to achieve maximum height. The Donut Hole bean bag is included. This bean bag is only a topper and cannot be used alone with the Round Backdrop Stand - even at the minimum height of the stand, the Donut Topper bean bag does not reach. If you are looking for a bean bag to reach the minimum height of the stand, refer to the Jumbo Base Bean Bag.

This item DOES NOT include the stand or the base bean bag. The Donut Hole bean bag is included. Our bean bags are sold in their unfilled state, allowing you to customize the fill level to your liking. The estimated fill volume is roughly 14 cubic feet or 400 liters of polystyrene beads, although this can be adjusted to match your personal preference. Your desired degree of firmness or softness, as well as your preferred posing styles, may influence the exact quantity you'll need.

Includes inner bag with zipper for easy filling.

Material: cream imitation leather.

Measurements: Diameter 48 in. | Height 8 in. Hole diameter: 9 in.

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