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Jumbo Base Bean Bag

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Useful and indispensable bean bag for newborn posing during photography sessions. Large area for maximum comfort and easy posing.

There are four pouches surrounding the bean bag for storage convenience.

This BASE bean bag is meant to be used with the Newborn Studio Props Round Backdrop Stand. This bean bag is only a base and does not reach the maximum height of the stand. If you are looking for a bean bag to reach the maximum height of the stand, refer to theGrande Bean Bag Pack.

This item DOES NOT include the stand.  This bean bag is sold unfilled. Instructions for the amount of beans needed is as follows: 25-27 cubic feet of polystyrene beads - use this conversion chart to determine amount needed in any other measurement

Includes inner bag with zipper for easy filling.

Material: cream imitation leather.

Measurements: Diameter 48 in. | Height 23 in.