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Our story starts with a photographer that thrived in the wedding industry. Traveling from Argentina to India, from all over Europe to all over the US shooting weddings, Rodolfo Arpia saw that the wedding photography industry needed something more. He began arranging wedding conferences in Spain for photographers from all over the world to join in one special place. But what follows the sacrament of marriage? Starting a family. He found a niche in the photography industry that had not been tapped into quite yet in Spain. With the help of his colleague, Rudy began Newborn Studio Props and opened the US chapter in 2016.

Rudy and his wife began selling from out of their garage, completing a handful of orders a month to moving into a 10,000 sq ft warehouse in Southern California, completing thousands of orders a month... in less than 3 years!

Newborn Studio Props knows the true value in newborn photography because at the end of the day, this is a family business. Our business runs because of your growing families. Photographers come to find that Newborn Studio Props is a great place to shop, not because of our incredibly affordable prices or our stunning unique props - it’s because they are treated as family. The greatest part of this journey is that our story never ends because new life is born every day. And we are lucky that we get to help photographers, mothers, and fathers in their journey with a new life.

Make a Purchase, Make a Difference

We donate 1% of every purchase to help build a safe and secure abode for a family in need in rural India. Click the button below to check the progress of the next home we and our customers are building together!