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Wooshh Sound Sleep Soother

Wooshh Sound Sleep Soother

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Introducing the Wooshh Sound Sleep Soother - an essential tool for every professional newborn photographer looking to create the perfect peaceful environment for their photo sessions.

Soothing and Versatile: The Wooshh Sound Soother is not just any sound machine. It offers eight high-quality, carefully curated sounds, including two types of shushing noises, calming water sounds, and a womb sound with pink noise, heartbeats, and swooshing, designed to authentically recreate the soothing environment of the womb. Plus, it includes ambient music and a unique outer space noise, ensuring a variety of options to suit any newborn's preference.

Compact and Convenient: As a newborn photographer, mobility is key. The Wooshh Sound Soother is compact enough to fit in any bag or even your pocket, making it the perfect travel companion. Whether you're shooting in a studio or on location, its portability ensures you can always create a calming atmosphere for your tiny subjects.

Flexible and Easy to Use: The Wooshh Sound Soother's flexible design allows you to stand, clip, or strap it out of reach of the baby. This flexibility is ideal for maintaining a safe and professional environment during your photoshoots. It's rechargeable via USB, meaning no need for constant battery changes, and offers both a 1-hour auto-shutdown and a 10-hour all-night mode to match the length of your photo sessions.

High-Quality Sound: Using advanced music mastering techniques and a premium sound chip, the Wooshh delivers near CD-quality audio without glitches. This means not only a better experience for the newborns but also a more professional ambiance for your photoshoots.

The Wooshh Sound Soother is more than just a tool; it's an investment in creating the perfect setting for capturing those precious first moments. As a newborn photographer, equipping yourself with the Wooshh Sound Soother ensures that every photoshoot is serene, peaceful, and conducive to capturing beautiful, tranquil images of newborns.
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