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Wood Flatbottom Rustic Bathtub - Brown

Wood Flatbottom Rustic Bathtub - Brown

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Unleash the charm of the Old West in your newborn photography with our Wood Flatbottom Rustic Bathtub! Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this prop is a faithful replica of the wooden bathtubs you've seen in those classic cowboy flicks, providing an irresistible vintage touch to your shoots.

Its flat bottom design ensures stability, keeping your little subjects safe while you capture those precious moments. The warm, rustic aesthetic of the wood adds a timeless quality to your photos, perfect for photographers looking to stand out with a distinctive style.

Get creative with setups! Fill it with soft, fluffy towels, or create a whimsical scene with bubbles and rubber ducks. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Material: wood.

Color: brown.

Approximate measurements: L16in x W11.5in
Depth: 6in

ATTENTION: actual products may slightly differ from the one in the picture as each piece is handmade from scratch with raw materials.

ALWAYS PROTECT babies and toddlers against direct contact with these articles.

DISCLAIMER: The products described on this product page are props to be used in photography. The Vintage Bath Tub is not to be used as furniture since it doesn't have any actual functionality. Use as a prop only and under adult supervision. You must use a spotter at all times when this product is used to assist in posing for photography.

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