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Travel Stand Pack

Travel Stand Pack

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This mini round backdrop stand is the perfect tool for photographers that need portability, want professional equipment, and of course care about safety. Limited studio space? No worries, this stand disassembles in minutes so you can store it in a closet, or simply put it against a wall in vertical position to gain space.

The Mini Round Backdrop Stand is made of stainless steel which allows it to be super lightweight and simple to assemble. Perfect for the photographer-on-the-go. The qualities listed above achieve baby safety and smooth transitions. 

✓ DURABLE: Stainless steel tubes.
✓ VERSATILE: Assembles in minutes without tools.
✓ CONVENIENT: Place on a bed, or table to shoot in a standing position.

✓ LIGHTWEIGHT: At 5 lbs, the mini round stand is super-easy to transport.

This structure is ideal to be used with any type of bean bag and backdrop combination. The tubular structure allows you to clip the fabric to all sides to get the perfect stretching. ✓ NO MORE WRINKLES

The Donut Hole bean bag is included. This bean bag is sold unfilled. Instructions for the amount of beans needed is as follows: 14 to 20 cubic feet of polystyrene beads. This can vary based on personal preference and desired firmness or softness for posing styles, etc.

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