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Surprise Grab Bag - Baby Wrap - Perforated (AS IS ITEM)

Surprise Grab Bag - Baby Wrap - Perforated (AS IS ITEM)

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Includes 5 Baby Wrap - Perforated

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: this product is listed as an AS-IS Item and may have tears, rips, light stains, snags, OR may be a few inches smaller than regular priced fabrics. This item has been inspected for functionality and is totally usable. This item is sold 'as is' and CANNOT/WILL NOT be returned nor exchanged.


Surprise Grab Bags have become super popular because who doesn't love the element of surprise! This Surprise Grab Bag includes 5 Baby Wrap - Perforated in different colors. And for 50% off who wouldn't mind not knowing.

These grab bags have been assembled randomly, so by purchasing one of these Surprise Grab Bag sets you are agreeing to receive fabrics under the conditions that you have no idea what colors you are receiving and understand that these fabrics are not in perfect condition as stated above. These  bean bag fabric sets cannot be switched out, customized, or tailored for anyone. 

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