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Starter Pack #24

Starter Pack #24

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Incredible starter pack consisting of many different basic items great for combining them all. Ideal to begin in the world of newborn photography.

The set includes:

  1. Adjustable Round Backdrop Stand 
  2. Jumbo Base Bean Bag (unfilled)
  3. Donut Topper Bean Bag (unfilled)
  4. Flexible Posing Pillow Pad with Velcro Mini Pillows
  5. Set of 3 Positioning Pillows with Velcro (filled)
  6. Set of 5 Positioning Pillows
  7. Positioning Ring (filled)
  8. U-Shaped Posing Pillows (filled)
  9. Baby Shusher

    The Jumbo Base Bean Bag and Donut Topper is delivered WITHOUT FILLING. Find your local packing supply store to purchase the polystyrene beads needed to fill these bean bags.  


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