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Rustic Swing - White

Rustic Swing - White

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🌟 Why You'll Love This Swing:

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each swing is meticulously handmade, ensuring a unique, high-quality prop that will set your photos apart.
  • Natural Aesthetics: Crafted from natural materials, this swing adds an authentic, rustic touch to your newborn photography.
  • Versatile Design: Perfect for all types of photo sessions. Easily customizable with seasonal flowers or wool to create a cozy, captivating setting.

📸 Capture the Moment in Style

Imagine the soft, natural light filtering through your studio windows, casting a warm glow on the most adorable subject—your tiny client, nestled in our Rustic Rectangular Hanging Swing. This isn't just a prop; it's a statement piece that elevates your artistry, allowing you to capture heartwarming, timeless photos that parents will treasure forever.

🌿 Natural, Organic, Timeless

Our swing is handcrafted from natural materials, offering a rustic yet refined look that complements any photography style. The organic textures and tones provide a rich, layered backdrop, making every shot Instagram-worthy.

🌸 Seasonal Versatility

Spring, summer, fall, or winter—this swing is a year-round game-changer. Decorate it with seasonal flowers, autumn leaves, or twinkling fairy lights to create a setting that's both enchanting and evergreen.

🐑 Cozy Comfort for Your Tiniest Clients

Pair this swing with wool or flokatis to create a snug, comfortable environment for babies. The result? Warm, endearing photos that capture the essence of childhood innocence.

Material: wood and rope.

Color: white wood and beige rope.

Approximate measurements: L12in | W6in | Sides Height 5.5in

ATTENTION: actual products may slightly differ from the one in the picture as each piece is handmade with natural materials.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: The products described on this product page are props to be used in photography. The Rustic Swings are not to be used as furniture since they don't have any actual functionality. Use as a prop only and under adult supervision. You must use a spotter at all times when this product is used to assist in posing for photography.
You must use extreme caution! Newborn Studio Props is not responsible or liable for any misuse of this prop. This product is not intended and was not designed to be used as a functional swing and should not be hanged. Use on the floor or beanbag and combine images using composite techniques in Photoshop to achieve the desired look.
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