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Park Bench - White

Park Bench - White

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Introducing the "Park Bench - White," a charming addition to your photography studio, designed exclusively for the art of newborn and toddler photography. This enchanting bench is not just a prop, but a canvas for your creativity, handcrafted in the USA with the finest natural materials to bring an authentic, rustic appeal to your photo sessions.

Perfectly sized to cradle the tiniest of newborns with the gentle touch of a soft pillow and blanket, this bench also provides a relaxed, kickback spot for those adorable sitters and active toddlers. Its versatility extends beyond the studio - imagine taking this beautiful bench to a park setting, adding a touch of whimsy and nature to your photoshoots.

Every detail of the "Park Bench - White" has been thoughtfully considered to ensure it complements your photography style. Whether set against a stunning backdrop or used as a stand-alone piece, this bench is sure to add an element of charm and warmth to your photographs.

Elevate your photography and delight your clients with this exquisite, one-of-a-kind prop. Let the "Park Bench - White" be the centerpiece of your next photoshoot, and watch as it transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Visit [Newborn Studio Props]( today to bring this timeless piece to your collection. Your studio deserves the best, and with the "Park Bench - White," you’re not just capturing photos, you’re crafting stories.

Material: wood.

Color: white.

Approximate measurements: L20in x W9in x H14in
Sitting area: L20in x W7.5in

ATTENTION: actual products may slightly differ from the one in the picture as each piece is handmade with natural materials.

ALWAYS PROTECT babies and toddlers against direct contact with these articles.

DISCLAIMER: The products described on this product page are props to be used in photography. The Rustic Park Bench is not to be used as furniture since it doesn't have any actual functionality. Use as a prop only and under adult supervision. You must use a spotter at all times when this product is used to assist in posing for photography.

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