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Head Support Pillow Set

Head Support Pillow Set

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This incredible set of head support positioning pillows is one of the must-have items for every newborn photographer's studio. These pillows are made for protecting a babies head on any hard surfaced prop or for securing their head in place during bean bag posing. These pillows have been made to fit right below a baby's head for maximum comfort and safety. Ideal to be used on top of your bean bag and props for newborn photography. Also perfect to carry to all your on location sessions since it can be placed on a sofa, bed, and even a table, etc.

These head support positioning pillows are delivered WITH FILLING, ready to use.

Material: synthetic material, faux suede.

Color: taupe.

Approximate measurements:
Small Pillow: Diameter: 4.5 in. | Height: 0.5in.
Medium Pillow: 
Diameter: 6 in. | Height: 0.5in.

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