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Grande Bean Bag Set

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Useful and indispensable bean bags for newborn posing during photography sessions. Large area for maximum comfort and easy posing. There are four pouches surrounding the jumbo bean bag for storage convenience. Utilize these unique bean bags to their full potential.

Remove the Donut Hole bean bag to place a bowl in the center and cover with bean bag fabrics to get the perfect curly C pose!

Insert the Donut Hole bean bag to make use of the inclination of the whole bag to perfect a froggy pose.

Includes inner bag with zipper for easy filling.

Material: cream imitation leather.

These bean bags are sold unfilled. Instructions for the amount of beans needed is as follows:
JUMBO BASE: 24-27 cubic feet of polystyrene beads - approximately 500L of Big Joe MightyBag Bean Refill.
DONUT TOPPER: 21-25 cubic feet of polystyrene beads - approximately 200L of Big Joe MightyBag Bean Refill.

JUMBO BASE: Diameter: 48 in. | Height: 23in.
DONUT TOPPER: Diameter: 48 in. | Height: 8in.


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