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Positioning Ring (filled)

Positioning Ring (filled)

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This incredible positioning pillow is one of the must-have items for every newborn photographer's studio. Leave behind all the uncomfortable towels and stuffing! With this soft, compact, light and super comfortable pillow you will be able to pose your babies easily and with precision. Great for easily achieving the perfect potato and froggy pose.
To achieve the perfect potato pose, we recommend using with one of our swaddle wraps (Swaddle Slip Baby Wrap, Swaddle Sack Baby Wrap, Swaddle Diaper Cover Baby Wrap) and any of our smooth wraps to create a more rounded appearance!

Ideal to be used on top of your bean bag and under the backdrop or in buckets, baskets, and bowls. Also perfect to carry to all your on-location sessions since it can be placed on a sofa, bed, and even a table, etc.

This positioning ring is delivered WITH FILLING, ready to use. Material is waterproof, so can be used without a diaper on baby!

Material: synthetic material.
Color: off-white.

Approximate measurements:
Internal diameter: 8 in.
External diameter: 16 in.
Width: 4 in.
Height: 3in.

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