Newborn Posing Tutorial using items from Newborn Studio Props

Newborn Posing Tutorial using items from Newborn Studio Props






Achieving a great pose and photographing it shouldn’t be hard! So let Newborn Studio Props help you with that. With a few of our amazing props and posing aids, we can help you create timeless photographs that will serve as the best memories for your clients. For this tutorial, we will be starting off with an upright potato-sack pose and then we’ll be shifting the baby into a simple side pose. For this posing tutorial, we are wrapping baby in the traditional potato-sack wrap. Keeping babies hands exposed is optional but is not demonstrated here.

Start off with some wonderful posing bean bags / aids. Grab a few larger posing pillows, a positioning ring and  U-Shaped pillows. We offer an amazing set that combines our 10 posing pillows and positioning ring. Demonstrated above are our pillows set-up in a way that will support the baby in the upright position. You want to make sure that these pillows are supporting the baby in all directions. Here is a step-by-step on  how we set-up the posing pillows: 

  1. Push down the beans of your current bean bag and create a pocket
  2. Place the positioning ring in the pocket.
  3. Use the U-Shaped Pillows as the main support for the baby’s back. Place one U-Shape hugging the positioning ring and place the other U-Shape pillow in the opposite direction.
  4. At this point, use any Positioning Pillow around and above the positioning ring to create support in all directions.
  5. Once you are done creating this support system of posing pillows, you can lay down layers of beanbag posing fabrics and blankets.

To create the background/backdrop, we recommend using like colors when using faux furs and/or flokatis. Here we used our Bean Bag Fabric in Smooth Coco and our 56x28 Flokati in Coco. We also made sure to have several layers of fabrics and blankets to make the sitting/laying area more comfortable for the baby.

Next, we wrapped the baby in a potato sack pose in a Muslin wrap in Color 44. Then, we posed the baby and added a Wool Wrap in color Oatmeal to add more depth. Make sure to pull and tug at the edges to give the wrap a little more texture. You can choose to wrap the baby in the wool or simply stuff the wool around the baby. Don’t forget that there are still wonders that you can create in post-production to really tie in your style off camera.


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